One More Thing
One More Thing

Remember: Your online courses are FREE!!

If you pay/paid $$$ online, you did NOT have to—there are 3 FREE online courses (including one in Spanish!)


If you pay/paid online, you still have to pay $25.00 for the instructor-based, live field classes for "Enhanced Hunter Education" (formerly named "Online Course Plus Field Class" and/or "Hunter Education Home Study.")

(OK, I tried to save you some $$$. Hope I got the message to you in time!)

Whatever instructor-directed course you take Advanced, Enhanced or Basic -- be sure to contact and stay in touch with the instructor in the manner listed with the scheduled course (telephone, email, website, Facebook, etc.) so that you will not have undesirable surprises when you take your course or miss out on updated information.

Please email me at with any questions that are NOT answered on the website that you are about to enter—please read ALL the information on this website carefully!


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