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Welcome to Texas Hunter Education

Welcome! This is Steve Russell. Rod Craig and I will be your instructors for this "enhanced" hunter education course with optional "advanced" elements.  The field class portion will last about four hours and is required to complete hunter education certification that begins by taking an online course.*  (See below.)  The field class includes ethics, safety, hunter's skills trail, live fire, in-season game emphasis, and multiple-choice exam elements. Successful completion of this course will fulfill the legal requirement for those desiring to hunt in Texas who were born on or after September 2, 1971, and for those hunting out of state.

General Information About Field Classes (Terms and Conditions)
Please read all of this information carefully!

Ear Plugs

Protective Equipment

Participants must provide their own protective equipment: sponge-type ear plugs and safety glasses.

Protective Glasses

Other Gear

Bottled water, a clipboard, pen and pencil. A camp chair might be comfortable. Dress appropriately for the weather because we will be outdoors much of the time - just like hunting!

What NOT To Bring

LIVE FIRE SPECIAL NOTE: Everything is provided to successfully complete the course. Do NOT bring personal firearms or ammunition to the class.

Patience and Flexibility

Be prepared to be hot, cold, and/or wet, because we will be outdoors much of the time - just like hunting!

Free Online Courses

Several choices for the FREE computer "home study" part of the course that must be completed before  field course attendance may be found at: http://tpwd.texas.gov/education/hunter-education/enhanced-course .  (Note: if you are taking the "advanced element" of the course from 2-4pm, you do NOT have to do any prior computer work.  It is optional, but very helpful.)

If you have any questions, please email me.


Participant Cancellations
If for any reason pre-registered participants are not able to attend the field class, please notify the instructor at steverussell.org@gmail.com as soon as possible.**

Instructor Cancellations
It is rare, but from time to time there are too few pre-registered participants to merit holding a class.

**To ensure that you are able to receive messages and class updates, please add steverussell.org@gmail.com to your Contacts. Otherwise, check your filtered mail folder often for messages from steverussell.org@gmail.com.

Registration & Fees

To register for the class, send an email to steverussell.org@gmail.com with your name, age, gender, return email address, and cell phone contact.  Or you may call 903-530-4338 and leave the same information on a voice mail.

PLEASE BRING CASH IN THE EXACT AMOUNT OF $25.00. This covers the $15.00 class fee set by the State of Texas. An additional $10.00 covers facility fees, firearms, ammunition, targets, etc.  This is safer and more efficient than every participant bringing his/her own firearm.  However, for the optional "advanced" element (the extended two hours of the course in lieu of online work), participants may bring his/her personal firearm and ammunition as approved by the instructor, plus an additional $24.00 for a total of $49.00.

NOTE: ALL participants are encouraged to provide either a Social Security number or driver's license number or both. This is especially important for youth and children who will likely change their addresses as adults.  Either of these two "lifetime numbers" helps TPWD identify your hunter education certification record years from now should the need arise.

Field Class Schedule



"Advanced" Element

Carthage/Saturday, September 12/9am-1pm

Panola College

Rifle sighting.**

Merle Glass Building

N Bird Dr. at Holland St.

**In Carthage Rod Craig will assist and guide participants in sighting in their optics and make recommendations for appropriate ammunition, optics, and shooting positions from 2-4pm.  Participants will bring their own firearms and matching ammunition.

If none of my field classes work with your schedule, you may find other Enhanced hunter education field classes at:


You can also find a list of Advanced and Basic hunter education classes at:


I hope to see you in a field class soon.  Good hunting!


Steve Russell

STEVE RUSSELL, 903-530-4338

steverussell.org@gmail.com   http://steverussell.org


Contact Information:
Instructor: Steve Russell
Email: steverussell.org@gmail.com or call 903-530-4338

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